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Boat Tours, Land Safaris, Train Rides, Kayak Tours, Balloon Rides and More... The REAL Adventures in Florida

Paddle the Estero River Near Naples Florida

Paddle the tranquil backwaters of the Estero River.
Since 1977 Estero River Outfitters has provided
access to one of Florida's least known yet
most scenic waterways.
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Airboat Nature Tours in Lake Wales

Ride with experienced captains native to the area
 for a thrilling adventure into the Everglades. See
 reptiles and birds in a scenic encounter with nature. 

Cruises, Paddling & Segway Tours at Blue Spring National Park

Witness the pristine wonder of Blue Spring National Park.
Ply the shallow backwaters of the scenic St. Johns River via 
boat cruise or kayak tour. Or, take a guided Segway land  
adventure through the park's back country.

Paddle the Upper Florida Keys

      Enjoy educational paddling tours conducted by experienced
         guides in the clear, Gulf stream waters of the upper keys. 
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Kayak & Boat Fishing on Sarasota Bay & Tampa Bay

Outgoing, knowlegeable and friendly Jason Stock has fished
  all his life. He's been a top-notch guide for the past 8 years
     and was featured on various magazine covers including 
         Florida Sportsman, Kayak Angler and Waterline.

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Airboat Nature Tours in Kissimmee State Park

Ride safe and fast on beautiful Lake Jackson, a part
   of the Everglades. See Deer, Gators and Wild Hogs.

Escape to Historic Egmont Key in Tampa Bay

         Ride aboard a safe and comfortable boat then enjoy the
      unspoiled seclusion of Egmont Key. Snorkel the ruins of
      Fort Dade, find shells on the beach, walk nature trails to
      the lighthouse built in 1858 and remains of a small town. 

SUP & Kayak Tours - Englewood / Boca Grande

 Come paddle the mystique of the mangroves. 
 SUP and kayak tours lead you through quiet, clear, 
waters, a mangrove tunnel and a spectrum of wildlife.
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Lions, Tigers and Bears

This non-profit refuge is found on 40 acres 
of oak habitat and pastured land in the 
country side just north of Arcadia.
You'll get close views of
a lion, tigers, leopard, lynx,
wolf, and a large black bear.
Also see a real Florida panther.

Kayak the Talbot Island Preserve near Jacksonville

Your "human powered adventure" explores
the pristine inland waters in and around
Amelia and Talbot Islands. Seasoned guides
provide amazing insights into this delicate 
eco-system of shellfish, migratory birds
and other natural wonders.

Airboat Rides into the Wilderness Near Orlando


The Real Florida awaits just outside Orlando 
with a thrilling airboat ride. Airboat Rides at
Midway takes you back into the Everglades
swamp land along the St. Johns River for
a glimpse of  the wild Florida outback.

Camp, Canoe and Kayak on the Peace River in Arcadia

The Peace River gently meanders through
 the wilderness beside high, forested banks, 
low pastures and sandy outcroppings.
Upriver drop-offs provide access to this 
pristine waterway for half day, full day 
or overnight adventures. Canoe Outpost
provides canoes, kayaks, tents and
other camping accessories.

St. Johns River Eco Tours- Near Orlando

St. John wild blue bird black bear
Explore a part of Florida that has changed little over
 the centuries. Take in the unspoiled beauty and bounty 
 of wildlife along this pristine corridor of the St. Johns River.

St. John's River Tours- Ocala National Forest


Observe a rich bounty of wildlife along the scenic St.
Johns River and its unspoiled tributaries. Your captain
  points out various flora & fauna along with historical 
insights as you revel in the natural environs.

Tour Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

      Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge abounds with wildlife:
   manatees, dolphin, alligators and beautifully plumed
    shorebirds like the Roseatte Spoonbill (below). Climb
     aboard for a spectacular nature boating adventure.
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Paddle Wheedon Island Preserve in Tampa Bay

Paddle the pristine backwaters of Wheedon Island Preserve
 with guided or self-guided kayak and SUP Adventures. Also:  
day trips and multi-day trips within Florida and beyond.
Sweetwater Kayaks  CLICK HERE

Paddle the Springfed Rainbow River & the Withlacoochee

Paddle two of Florida's most scenic waterways. The
           clear, springfed Rainbow River shimmers like an opal;
        the deeper Withlacoochee winds through dense forests.

Kayak Sailing Trips & More From Vero Beach

                Paddle quiet backwaters, cross expansive
            grass flats and along thick mangrove in the Indian
           River Lagoon, with more than 4000 animal and plant
          species including sea horses, dolphin and manatees.
             Also: kayak sailing trips and other multi-day trips.
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Schooner Sailing from Key West


 Experience the adventure of a lifetime aboard
       this beautiful classic schooner: Choose from day
       cruises, sunset and night sails, as well as extended 
         overnight trips, to the Dry Tortugas and beyond.
As the wind rustles the sails, relax topside
           with soaring seabirds and dolphins that are
       often swimming nearby. View spectacular sunsets
          and revel in the romance of the sea after dark.

Captain Jack's Island Eco Tours from Pine Island

Cruise to scenic barrier Islands including pristine, uninhabited
Cayo Costa for awesome encounters with nature. See dolphins
and a large variety of birds year round. From November thru mid
April, you could witness a herd of  60- 70 manatees in the wild.

Find Real Florida Adventures

 We have been finding Florida Adventures since 1988 when we first traveled from Sarasota to
Ocala and Micanopy. On that trip we discovered the horse country, Rainbow Springs and the
historic home of Margorie Rawlings, not to mention the Ocala National Forest. CLICK HERE
There are so many fabulously  hidden places to enjoy Florida outdoors. Use this resource to
find best ones that are out there by qualified owners and naturalists  who have been plying these backwaters for years and also have an excellent safety record. For example you can kayak of canoe the Peace River from Arcadia with Canoe Outpost. They will drop you off upriver and even outfit you for a camping trip with primitive campsites  along the shore. On Captiva Island Captiva Kayak leads you through beautiful mangrove lagoons and pristine estuaries that provide rich habitat for a wide variety of wildllife. Commune with natuer while your guide prives informative insigts into fascinating biological, cultural and other aspects of the placid barrier island waters. These Florida adventures are just waiting for you. In Crystal River paddle the clear spring-fed waters with Aardvarks. Also, enjoy unspoiled surrounding coastal environs. Guided kayak and SUP tours (Stand Up Paddle boards) have frequent manatee sightings. Glide through secluded and pristine backwaters like Ozello,a quiet, uncrowded escape in St. Martins March Aquatic Preserve. Ideal for kayaking, the water is clear and shallow with grass flats, sand bars, oyster reefs and mangrove islands.

RELAXING: Relaxing Florida adventures are for the whole family, tours everyone can participate in, and even though it's a little slower paced than other tours, it surely does not lack adventure. These tours go through various types of saltwater and freshwater environments. From mangrove channels that enclose the trail forming tunnels filled with small fish, crabs, and nesting birds, to one of the few remaining natural barrier keys along Florida's Gulf Coast, you will be captivated. Experience white, sandy shores and rivers that meander through various natural environments where the scenic views and wildlife make every turn a discovery beneath cypress, oak, and hardwood hammocks. These Florida kayak tours provide habitats for animals we may spot. This is a piece of pristine, natural Florida. Parks include: Fort Desoto, Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island, Weedon Island, Hillsborough River, Alafia River, and Little Manatee River.

MODERATE: Moderate adventures kicks things up some. You don't have to be a tri-athlete to participate in these  tour, but you better be ready to get a solid workout. Parks include: Fort Desoto, Caladesi Island, Honeymoon Island, Weedon Island, Hillsborough River, Alafia River, and Little Manatee River.These
and many other Florida adventures await.

ADVANCED: Advanced are only for the experienced. It requires extensive hiking or paddling skills, due to the distance involved, and the ability to paddle in open water. Parks include: Fort Desoto to Shell Key, which is 4 hours and Hillsborough River, which is 6 hours long.

Don't Hesitate! Get out there for a little thrill and some fun You will get educated about the natural environs or just relax with a drink or have some snacks. One you take a Florida adventure you will forever be looking for more and more and this is your best resource for that. If you know of one that we have not located that has a good reputation that you enjoyed please send us an email. There is a contact us button at the top right of this page.This is absolutely your best guide to find those hidden adventures that await in the backwaters, bays, creeks and mangrove shorelines. Do yourself a favor and get out there and find these Florida boat tours while enjoying all that this state has to offer with guided trips on the water with experienced guides who narrate while they navigate.

Its up to you to make the most of what Florida has to offer and places like the Dora Canal will surely enrich your feeling and favorablility of all the state has to offer. Sometimes you just have to make yourself do it! Find those boat tours and other Florida adventures that we have discovered over many years of criss crossing the state.